Just like us, Bertolini is a family-run company and is one of the leading producers of fruit-based intermediate goods in Italy. Bertolini GmbH was established in 1955 for the purchasing as well as processing of fruits into fruit juices, purées and juice concentrates. Today, the factories can store 30 million litres aseptically as well as 6 million kilogrammes of fruit juice concentrate.The headquarters are located in the main fruit-producing areas of Italy: in Tarantasca (Cuneo, Piedmont), a main cultivation area for apples, pears, peaches and kiwis, as well as in Giugliano (Naples, Campania), which is known across Europe for its apricots and peaches. This proximity means sun-ripened fruit can be supplied to the factories just a few hours after being harvested, followed by inspection and processing. The sunshine isn’t the only reason behind the high quality of the goods - processing quickly after harvesting is especially important for creating the basis of an excellent product.


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