Frubella Processing Sp.z.o.o.

Frubella P is a private company with a factory based in Poland, south of Warsaw. Located in the middle of the largest fruit-growing region of Europe, which is particularly well known for its large volumes of apples and soft fruits, you have direct contact to producers and farmers in the region. The fruits are purchased during harvesting and a large proportion is processed immediately. The remaining produce is stored in the company’s deep-freeze and chilled warehouse so that it can then be processed later in the season. A total of some 15,000 tons of fruit is bought every year.And here are some additional facts about the products, packaging and technical facilities:
Products: frozen, infused in syrup or without, cut and dried in a broad range of sizes, jams, fruit preparations
Packaging: tins, buckets, cartons
Technical facilities: cold warehouse, deep-freeze warehouse, several drying tunnels, solid pack / tin manufacture, purée processing, bucket filling, deep-freeze tunnels (4 different ones), sorting equipment.


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