Rich in antioxidants
Rich in provitamin A, B vitamins, and vitamin C
Sweet yet low sugar fruit
Rich in antioxidants
High fibre content
Rich in provitamin A, B vitamins, and vitamin C


Harvest time



Raspberries have been regarded as medicinal plants since antiquity. The high content of vitamin C, vitamin A, biotin and antioxidants make hair shiny and skin radiant – making raspberries a delicious, natural source of rejuvenation.

Raspberries grow in Europe, North Asia and North America, they love semi-shady areas and often grow wild in glades and the edges of forests. With the support of a trellis, they also grow in the moist soil in German gardens. The size of raspberries has altered over time due to modern propagation methods, yet one thing has always remained the same: regardless of size they must always be picked by hand as they are very sensitive to pressure.

Good to know

  • Very delicate fruit which must be processed gently
  • Infused products are ideal for use in bakery goods, ice creams, chocolates, and other desserts


  • Conventional