Full of vitamins
Mainly composed of water
Good source of folic acid
Full of vitamins
The vitamin C content of strawberries is higher than that of lemons and oranges; 200g of fresh strawberries provide the daily requirement of this vitamin
Mainly composed of water


Harvest time



What is really interesting about strawberries is that, from a botanical point of view, they are not berries at all but rather aggregate fruits. In actual fact, the small, yellow ‘seeds’ (or achenes) on the surface of a strawberry are the fruit. The red flesh is just an accessory fruit and provides the achenes with nutrients – nevertheless, strawberries have been a popular ‘fruit’ since the Stone Age.

The garden strawberry we are all familiar with came about in the 18th century; it was very likely due to a chance hybridisation of the American Virginia strawberry and the Chilean strawberry. Today, there are more than a thousand varieties of this healthy fruit and they can be cultivated in virtually any climate zones. The taste of strawberries is very dependent on the weather, however.

Good to know

  • Taste good as sweet strawberry sauce on desserts
  • Infused products are ideal for use in bakery goods, ice creams, chocolates, and other desserts


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