Its genus name is Diospyros, meaning “fruit of the gods”
A nutritious fruit
Very rich in provitamin A
A nutritious fruit
A persimmon can weigh up to 500g
Its genus name is Diospyros, meaning “fruit of the gods”


Harvest time



The persimmon is a ‘late bloomer’ as it is in season when most other fruits have already been harvested. The fruit, with its orange, slightly glossy skin, ripens on branches when the leaves have started to fall off and loves warm summers. Persimmons originally come from Asia – Japan, China and Korea, and today they are primarily cultivated in countries with warm climates.

Persimmons are berries, but resemble tomatoes in terms of size and characteristics. By the way, if you find a persimmon in the wild, you will notice an inedible core. This has been bred out of persimmons grown on plantations.

Good to know

  • 100g of fresh persimmon provides almost 270mcg of provitamin A


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